Februrary Update: New content in Alexander Street Press products

Now contains 34,112 pages.
Added 15 titles (1,317 pages) from Chelsea House Publishers, Hampton Institute Press, and David McKay, including:
* Traditional Black Music Series (13 volumes) by Jerry Silverman (sheet music including spirituals, slave songs, songs of protest and civil rights)
* Sheet music of hymns and religious folk songs published by Hampton Institute Press
* Echoes of Africa in Folk Songs of the Americas (Beatrice Landeck)

Now contains 4,058 albums and 69,026 tracks.
Added 40 albums (912 tracks) of traditional folk songs, rural blues, gospel hymns, and more. Highlights include:
* 9 volumes of traditional folk songs recorded specifically for American Song by folk singer Jerry Silverman. These folk songs were collected and published in his Folk Song Encyclopedia. These are the recordings that complement the sheet music in the Encyclopedia. Liner notes for the songs include a description of the folk song plus the complete lyrics.
* Country/rural blues from Takoma Records
* I’m Going Down to North Carolina – The Complete Recording of the Red Fox Chasers, 1928-31, from Tompkins Square Records

Now contains 4,120 albums and 63,608 tracks.
Added 258 albums (3,528 tracks) from Bridge Records, Celestial Harmonies, and Mark Custom Records plus 1,300 new compositions to the database, including wind ensemble/wind symphonies, choral music, contemporary music by Luciano Berio, David Rakowski, and more.
New albums include:
* David Rakowski: Etudes, Vol. 3
* Three Quartets: The Apollo Saxophone Quartet
* Theme and Variations: Improvisations On Children’s Songs
* H. Kling: 40 Characteristic Etudes for French Horn
* Susan Levitin, Gerald Rizze: 20th Century American Duos for Flute & Piano
* The American Impressionist Organ

Now contains 14,757 scores and 318,263 pages.
Added 205 scores (9,716 pages) from Faber Music, Ltd., and Universal Edition. New scores include compositions by Thomas Adès, Julian Anderson, Alban Berg, Victoria Borisova-Ollas, Anne Boyd, Arcangelo Corelli, Colin Matthews, Robert Schumann, Peter Sculthorpe, Carl Vine, Carl Maria von Weber, and more.

Music Online now contains:
* 254,372 tracks
* 17,644 albums
* 62,029 pages text reference
* 16,764 scores (318,263 pages)
* 407 videos


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