Classical Scores Library II: New Content December 2012

Updates include 309 scores from Faber Music, Wirripang, and from many individual composers.

New works included from Faber Music include compositions by Colin Matthews, Jonathan Harvey, John Woolrich, David Matthews, Torsten Rasch, Tansy Davies, Peter Sculthorpe, Carl Vine, Derek Bermel, and more. New content from Wirripang includes compositions by Clare Maclean, Kenya Wilkins, Van P. Nguyen, Naomi Ng, Alan Hinde, Vincent Giles, Sylvia Rice, Paul Ballam-Cross, Kevin Young, and more.

Alexander Street Press has also released material by individual composers from Taiwan, including Chao, Ching-Wen; Wu, Dye; Lien, Hsien-sheng; Li, Yuan-Chen; Paul SanGregory; Liu, Pietro Te-Yi; Chen, Sansan; composers from the US, including Thomas Oboe Lee, Ryan Carter, and Robinson McClellan; plus Anthony Ritchie (New Zealand), Marc Yeats (UK), Ralph Middenway (Australia), and Hans Huyssen (South Africa).

Classical Scores Library, Volume II now contains 1,624 scores.


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