Accessing Opera in Video from off campus

We subscribe to Opera in Video, Dance in Video, and Theatre in Video. These databases are working fine on campus but are not working with the WebVPN.

You will need to download the Cisco Client in order to watch these from off campus,

I downloaded the Cisco Client on both a PC laptop and Mac desktop this evening and was able to access all three video databases without any problems using Firefox, Safari, and IE6.

Let me know if you continue to have problems after downloading the Cisco Client or if you need help downloading the client.



Update on Naxos / WebVPN issue: 10/18/2009

I tested Naxos on and off campus using the WebVPN and downloading the Cisco Client on both a Mac and PC to try and get the sound to work.

Computing Services and Naxos recommend downloading the Cisco Client, to access Naxos from off campus. I know this looks complicated (it kept me from downloading it for a while!), but once I figured it out and got Naxos working it was well worth the effort. If you’re having trouble getting the client installed, feel free to bring your laptop by and I’ll take a look.

Naxos also recommends having IE7 or IE8 in order to get WMP 11 to work. I have IE6 and could not get WMP to work. They are having some problems with Flash that they hope to have resolved over the next month.

I want to thank Naxos and Computing Services for all of their help over the past few weeks!

Feel free to contact me if you continue to have problems! We’ll work through them.