New Send-to-Mobile functionality in Alexander Street streaming collections

Alexander Street Press now has “Send-to-Mobile” functionality in Music Online, including all of the individual streaming music collections and some items in Opera in Video.  This functionality will follow in all of their streaming video collections later this year.

What this means is that you can now send an audio track, video track, album, or playlist from our streaming collections to your mobile device to listen to later.  The item that you send stays on your device for 48 hours.

Go to any of our streaming music databases and look for a cell phone icon (“Send-to-Mobile”) next to each track, album, or playlist.

Wherever you see that icon you can click it and obtain a “shortlink” to send and enable playback on your mobile device.

They provide several methods to send this link:

*   They can send a text message to your mobile.
*   They can email the link to your email address, which you can pick up on your mobile.
*   You can enter the link URL manually into your mobile’s web browser.
*   On supported devices you can scan a QR-Code directly from your computer screen.  You will need to download a QR-Code reader application to do so.

At this time, this functionality is supported on:
*  Apple iPhone on 3G network or better
*  Mobile Device with Android OS

Shortlinks cannot be accessed outside of your institution network after 48 hours
but will still be usable within it.

For more information please visit the Help page at


We subscribe to Music Online. I still need to test this but wanted to let you know about it. If you give it a try, let me know how it works for you.



March Update: New content in Alexander Street Press products

1 title (410 pages) from Harvard University Press
* Freedom Is, Freedom Ain’t: Jazz and the Making of the Sixties by Scott Saul

7 titles (2,751 pages) from Princeton University Press
* Debussy and His World (ed. Jane Fulcher)
* Dvorák and His World (ed. Michael Beckerman)
* Edward Elgar and His World (ed. Byron Adams)
* Haydn and His World (ed. Elaine Sisman)
* Janácek And His World (ed. Michael Beckerman)
* Mendelssohn And His World (ed. R. Larry Todd)
* Richard Wagner And His World (ed. Thomas S. Grey)

28 albums (108 tracks) from Mode Records, Mark Custom, Celestial Harmonies, and Lyrichord. Example new albums include:
* Schütz: Der Schwanengesang, SWV.482-493
* Giacinto Scelsi: The Works for Double Bass
* Hanson, Hindemith, Grainger, Bernstein: The Next Step
* Gregorian Chants by the Capella antiqua München
* Carl Orff-Schulwerk, Musica Poetica, Vol. 1

71 scores (5,922 pages) from Faber Music and Universal Edition. New scores include compositions by …
* Julian Anderson
* Malcolm Arnold
* Beethoven
* Anne Boyd
* John Field
* Gustav Mahler
* Mozart
* Wolfgang Rihm
* Schumann
* Peter Sculthorpe
* Alexander von Zemlinsky
* and more

Music Online now contains:
* 255,059 tracks
* 17,685 albums
* 64,898 pages text reference
* 16,834 scores
* 407 videos

Februrary Update: New content in Alexander Street Press products

Now contains 34,112 pages.
Added 15 titles (1,317 pages) from Chelsea House Publishers, Hampton Institute Press, and David McKay, including:
* Traditional Black Music Series (13 volumes) by Jerry Silverman (sheet music including spirituals, slave songs, songs of protest and civil rights)
* Sheet music of hymns and religious folk songs published by Hampton Institute Press
* Echoes of Africa in Folk Songs of the Americas (Beatrice Landeck)

Now contains 4,058 albums and 69,026 tracks.
Added 40 albums (912 tracks) of traditional folk songs, rural blues, gospel hymns, and more. Highlights include:
* 9 volumes of traditional folk songs recorded specifically for American Song by folk singer Jerry Silverman. These folk songs were collected and published in his Folk Song Encyclopedia. These are the recordings that complement the sheet music in the Encyclopedia. Liner notes for the songs include a description of the folk song plus the complete lyrics.
* Country/rural blues from Takoma Records
* I’m Going Down to North Carolina – The Complete Recording of the Red Fox Chasers, 1928-31, from Tompkins Square Records

Now contains 4,120 albums and 63,608 tracks.
Added 258 albums (3,528 tracks) from Bridge Records, Celestial Harmonies, and Mark Custom Records plus 1,300 new compositions to the database, including wind ensemble/wind symphonies, choral music, contemporary music by Luciano Berio, David Rakowski, and more.
New albums include:
* David Rakowski: Etudes, Vol. 3
* Three Quartets: The Apollo Saxophone Quartet
* Theme and Variations: Improvisations On Children’s Songs
* H. Kling: 40 Characteristic Etudes for French Horn
* Susan Levitin, Gerald Rizze: 20th Century American Duos for Flute & Piano
* The American Impressionist Organ

Now contains 14,757 scores and 318,263 pages.
Added 205 scores (9,716 pages) from Faber Music, Ltd., and Universal Edition. New scores include compositions by Thomas Adès, Julian Anderson, Alban Berg, Victoria Borisova-Ollas, Anne Boyd, Arcangelo Corelli, Colin Matthews, Robert Schumann, Peter Sculthorpe, Carl Vine, Carl Maria von Weber, and more.

Music Online now contains:
* 254,372 tracks
* 17,644 albums
* 62,029 pages text reference
* 16,764 scores (318,263 pages)
* 407 videos

September Update: New Content in Music Online

First, a major feature of this release is that Alexander Street Press has begun offering higher bitrate streams for audio. Newly released audio will be delivered at 128kbps and 192kbps. They are investigating the option to upgrade all of their existing audio to the higher bitrates. For now, though, you can enjoy newly released audio at these higher rates.

Eight new titles (2,941 pages) from University Press of Mississippi, Harvard University Press, Columbia University Press, and Northeastern University Press. New titles include:

* Bird Lives!: The High Life and Hard Times of Charlie (Yardbird) Parker by Ross Russell
* Know What I Mean: Reflections on Hip-Hop by Michael Eric Dyson
* The New Blue Music: Changes In Rhythm and Blue by Richard J. Ripani
* Satchmo Blows Up the World: Jazz Ambassadors Play the Cold War by Penny M. Von Eschen
* Staging Race: Black Performers in Turn of the Century America by Karen Sotiropolos

African American Music Reference now has 28,608 pages of material.

114 albums (1,372 tracks) from Original Blues Classics, Biograph Records, Folk Era Records, Rebel Records, Colonial Music Institute, and Starday Records.

New material includes blues, folk song, country, and historical song from artists such as Big Joe Williams, Lonnie Johnson, Rev. Gary Davis, Mac Wiseman, Minnie Pearl, Odetta, and more. Also included in this release is a 1924 recording of George Gershwin himself playing `Rhapsody in Blue’ and many other of his famous compositions on rare piano rolls, released on Biograph Records.

Example albums include:

* Over the Hills and Far Away, Being a Collection of Music from 18th-Century Annapolis
* Lone Cat Sings and Plays Jazz, Folk Songs, Spirituals and Blues
* Odetta and the Blues; Lightnin’ Hopkins: Swarthmore Concert
* Music of the Charles Carroll Family

American Song now has 58,837 tracks.

One new title (433 pages) from Northeastern University Press: Deems Taylor: A Biography, by James Pegolotti.

Classical Music Reference Library now has 17,580 pages of material.

47 videos released from the Alive & Kicking Series, George Balanchine Foundation, and Dance On Series. New material includes:

* Interviews with Lavinia Williams, Vernon Fuquay, Shalom Hermon, Hikari Baba, Dai Ailian, Ayala Goren
* Documentaries on the Boston Dance Alliance, Prometheus Dance
* Performances of La Bayadère by the Ballet of the Teatro Alla Scala, Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana, Sleeping Beauty by the Royal Ballet
* Coaching excerpts from the Balanchine Foundation’s Interpreters Archive and the Archive of Lost Choreography, including Maria Tallchief coaching excerpts from George Balanchine’s `The Nutcracker’, Allegra Kent coaching excerpts from `La Sonnambula’, and Frederic Franklin recreating five female solos from `Raymonda,’ Act III.

Dance In Video now has 166 videos.

24 videos released from Opus Arte. New operas include:

* Doctor Atomic by John Adams (2007 Netherlands Opera)
* Don Carlo by Verdi (2004 Netherlands Opera)
* La Fille du Régiment by Donizetti (Royal Opera House)
* Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk by Shostakovich (2006 Netherlands Opera)
* Marco Polo by Tan Dun (2008 Netherlands Opera)
* Saint François d’Assise by Messiaen (2008 Netherlands Opera)
* Tosca by Puccini (2004 Teatro Real)
* Il Viaggio a Reims by Rossini (2005 Kirov Opera)

Opera in Video now has 132 videos (280 hours).

556 scores (15,795 pages) from Universal Edition. New scores released by composers such as Luke Bedford, Victoria Borisova-Ollas, Friedrich Cerha, Barry Conyngham, Luigi dallapiccola, Morton Feldman, Beat Furrer, Enrique Granados, Leos Janacek, Modest Mussorgsky, Erik Satie, Antonio Vivaldi, Ian Wilson, and more.

Classical Scores Library now has 13,956 scores.

New Content in Music Online

African American Music Reference
Now totals 26,764 pages and includes the following 2 new titles (628 pages) from Harvard University Press
Dancing in the Street: Motown and the Cultural Politics of Detroit by Suzanne E. Smith
A Right to Sing the Blues: African Americans, Jews, and American Popular Song by Jeffrey Melnick

Classical Scores Library
Now totals 277,028 pages. New material includes 276 scores (7,038 pages) of in-copyright scores from Faber Music and Universal Edition. Material released include scores from composers Anne Boyd, Alban Berg, Morton Feldman, Zoltán Kodály, Olivier Messiaen, Darius Milhaud, Claudio Monteverdi, Steve Reich, Jean Sibelius, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Toru Takemitsu, Anton Webern, and more.

Dance in Video
Now totals 189 video with 25 new videos from the Alive & Kicking Series, Dance On with Billie Mahoney Series, a documentary on dance art of Thailand, interviews with Honi Coles, Ethel Butler, Molissa Fenley and members of the Exit Dance Theatre, plus performances by the American Dance Festival Repertory Company, National Ballet of Canada, Kaeja d’Dance Company, Cullberg Ballet, Pennsylvania Dance Theatre, and the Dutch National Ballet, among others.

Opera in Video
Now totals 108 videos (328 hours) with 45 new operas released from Opus Arte and Bel Canto Society. New material includes:
*Albeniz (Merlin, 2003 Madrid)
*Bernstein (Trouble in Tahiti, 2001, London)
*Bizet (Carmen, 2007 Covent Garden)
*Gounod (Romeo et Juliette, 1994 Covent Garden)
*Monteverdi (L’Orfeo, Il Ritorno d’Ulisse in patria, Il Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda)
*Mussorgsky (Khovanshchina, 2007 Liceu)
*Rameau (Les Boréades, Les Indes galantes, Castor et Pollux)
*Wagner (Das Rheingold,Tristan und Isolde, Lohengrin, Siegfried, and Götterdämmerung)
*1946 and 1954 films of Donizetti’s L’Elisir D’Amore
*1955 film of Giordano’s Andrea Chenier with Mario Del Monaco

New Content for Music Online

AMERICAN SONG: 231 albums (4,294 tracks) from Archeophone Records, Folk Era, Mark Custom, and Wind River Records.
– Rare and early recordings from the turn of the 20th century from Archeophone Records, including the complete Bert Williams recordings, vaudeville and minstrel recordings, 1917 ragtime recordings, early phonograph recordings, Edith Wilson, Guido Deiro, Marion Harris’ complete Victor releases, and more.
– University marching band music from Mark Custom Records, featuring marching band concerts from Florida State University, the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band, the Marching Illini, JMU’s Marching Dukes, and others.
– Historic and contemporary folk music from Folk Era/Wind River. Folk Era artists include The Kingston Trio, The Brandywine Singers, Glenn and Holly Yarbrough, plus Paul Robeson’s Peace Arch Concerts and the Welsh Transatlantic Concert.

DANCE IN VIDEO: 14 videos released.
– Performances and interviews from the Alive & Kicking Series
– Performances by the Cullberg Ballet, the Nederlands Dans Theater, Li Chiao-Ping, the American Dance Festival Repertory Company
– Interviews with Trisha Brown and Wu Jing Shu
– Documentaries on ballroom dancing and on the Royal Academy of Dancing
– Restaging of “State of Darkness” with Molissa Fenley and Peter Boal.

AFRICAN AMERICAN MUSIC REFERENCE: Seven new titles (4,009 pages) from Beacon Press and Columbia University Press.
– Ella Fitzgerald: The complete Biography, by Stuart Nicholson
– Hip Hop Matters: Politics, Pop Culture, and the Struggle for the Soul of a Movement, by S. Craig Watkins
– One O’Clock Jump: The Unforgettable Story of the Oklahoma City Blue Devils, by Douglas Henry Daniels
– The Velvet Lounge: On Late Chicago Jazz, by Gerald Majer

CLASSICAL SCORES LIBRARY: 642 scores (40,450 pages) from contemporary music publisher Universal Edition.
– Richard Rodney Bennett
– Alban Berg
– Luciano Berio
– Pierre Boulez
– Anton Bruckner
– Frederick Delius
– Leos Janacek
– Gustav Mahler
– Frank Martin
– Arvo Pärt
– Max Reger
– Wolfgang Rihm
– Richard Strauss
– Anton Webern
-Alexander von Zemlinsky

Upgrade to Playlist Functionality in Music Online Databases

Highlights of the new functionality:

* USER PROFILE UPDATES:  Users can now add information to their profile.  They can upload a photo, can include citations and links  to outside research/papers published and, in the About section, faculty/staff can input information about their position and what courses they teach.  Any user with an existing registration can now edit their profile to include these items.  Just login, and click on “My profile” and then “Edit my profile” to amend an existing profile.  New registrants will be prompted to enter this information in upon registering (though not all of the information is required for registering).

* LOG-IN CHANGES:  Once you have logged into your account on one product, your login will be recognized, and you will be automatically logged in if you switch to another product on the platform within your browser session.

* PLAYLIST CHANGES:  The playlist browse now looks and functions like other browses in the Music Online platform, meaning  that you can re-sort on any column in the browse, including author name, annotation, number of items in the playlist, and our featured column.  Note that the “My institution’s Playlists” tab is the default so that patrons can easily  find their required listening/viewing lists, followed by “My Playlists” and then “All Playlists.”  Users can also now search for playlists by title, annotation, and author.  If a playlist is made public, the author name is hyperlinked to their profile page, so users can see other playlists/clips that the author has created.

* PLAY ALL ITEMS IN A PLAYLIST:  There is a new play icon next to each item in the playlist browse which will play all items in a playlist, within the same page, regardless of content type.  Items will advance automatically in the audio and video players, and there are previous/next buttons to advance for non-playable items such as scores, images, text reference, etc.

* FEATURED PLAYLISTS:  Featured playlists now appear on the homepage and we will be featuring many new playlists alongside new content on the homepage with each monthly data upload.

* CLIPS BROWSE: Clips are now part of the standard browses and users can now sort on clip annotation, author, clip duration, parent title, and clip title.